Author interview: Lisa Lickel

lisa lickelI’m pleased and honored to have fellow author Lisa Lickel join me on the blog today!

Lisa’s latest project, ‘Everything About Us’ is part of the ‘Ponder This..’ series. She answered some questions for me about this story, and more!


Everything About Us is the second of a planned trilogy romance between Shelly Colter, a Hollywood advertising agent on the rise, and Danny Winston, an accidental movie star. The first story, Everything About You, released in March 2016. The third story, Everything Noel, is due to release in December.

Danny Winston, America’s newest heartthrob, thinks he can have it all—his dream business and the girl. He’s sure he can convince Shelly, the woman who made it all possible, to marry him. When things keep going wrong, Danny can’t ask her to be a partner in failure.

Shelly Colter isn’t sure she can give up her California-style life with all the glamour, for a move to quaint, rural Wisconsin. At first, she thought Danny, her leading-man protégé, was all she needed, but when things get serious, her secret might ruin everything.

When Danny and Shelly realize they have a common enemy thwarting their dreams, they can choose to fight for each other or risk losing out to fear. It’s an epic he-thinks, she-thinks, with the truth somewhere in between.


Lisa shared some other thoughts with me about writing this, and other, books.

Why did you write this story?

Susan Baganz, the editor, put out a call for a series based on the Philippians Bible verse shortly after a similar series based on I Corinthians 13 was published. I immediately thought of my characters from that earlier story and came up with an idea that would continue Danny and Shelly’s romance. It was an unusual plan, but Susan liked it. I’ve always been interested in fish farming and knew it was a growing industry in Wisconsin, so I had Danny, our hero, put his unexpected windfall from his accidental acting gig into fulfilling his dreams—with some trouble on the way, of course.

As this particular story grew, and concludes in December, my research involved studying and visiting fish farms, doing virtual visits to special theaters and settings mentioned in the book, and talking to the NYT best-selling mystery author who lives in the same neighborhood and visited the proposal scene restaurant in New York. I like to make sure facts will be true to readers who know the industry or settings, or at least be plausible.

What projects are you working on now?

I have two projects going at various stages. The first is an April release of the fourth Fancy Cat mystery, Meow Missing, in which my newly married sleuth, Ivy Thompson, inadvertently visits South America to find her missing aunt, but winds up joining the fight against unfair migratory work practices. Back home in Illinois, Ivy and her aunt’s cat, a Sphynx named Fairlane, hunt for clues about a smuggling ring. The second is finishing the draft of UnderCut, a romantic thriller that continues the story of characters introduced in UnderStory. While UnderStory focused on the theme of prejudice and the horrors of sex trafficking, UnderCut takes the story of former lit professor Cameron Taylor and journalist Lily Masters in a new direction while they plan for their new lives together. Lily undergoes elective surgery and wakes up under dire circumstances when bioterrorists attack the hospital. UnderCut showcases the dark underworld of the human organ black market.

I have a hard time doing anything in between light-hearted romance and darker suspense. I used to dream when I was stressed out that I was an ax murderer, and I liked it. I knew I had to work some of that, um stress, out on paper. Nowadays I am just fine, happily committing mayhem in fiction.

Author Bio:

Lisa Lickel is a writer and editor who lives with her husband in the rolling hills of western Wisconsin. A complete list of her novels: mysteries, award-winning romance and children’s books, and contemporary fiction can be found on her website. She has written newspaper features, short stories, magazine articles and radio theater. An avid book reviewer and blogger, freelance editor, and writing mentor, she loves to encourage new authors. She has two grown and married sons and oodles of grandkids. Find more at www.


Thanks so much for joining us, Lisa!

Happy reading, friends!


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