Keeping things organized

Lately I’ve been jumping immediately from writing one book to writing the next.

This is because I’m falling in love with the supporting cast and recognizing a need to tell their stories too. It’s a process of discovering who those ‘minor’ characters are behind the scenes that make them influence the current story I’m telling.

Enter my binders.

And Pinterest boards.

I’m fairly certain I’vbinderse already unpacked my need to establish characters and setting through Pinterest in a previous blog post, so there’s no need to do that here.

But, I haven’t yet talked about my colorful binders. You know, in case the internet goes down or I go camping and am unable to access technology. A writer still needs her inspiration, after all, right?

So, I three-hole punch images and character information sheets and organize them into sections in binders for access as I write. Although I often change character qualities and end up hyper-focused on some images over others, the binder system allows me to stay on task with character motivations, backstories, and provides easy and quick access to names for minor characters and more.

While it’s likely not the most innovative process, I do find some readers asking how I keep it all straight in my head. Ha. While it remains to be seen whether I actually DO keep anything straight in my head, my binders are a concerted effort to try.

And there you have it. Binders and Pinterest.

Happy reading, friends!

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