Writing in a time of crisis

With so much out there currently about the health crisis, I promise you I’m not coming at it from the same angle. While I could, I won’t. It’s too easy. And who ever knew me to pick the ‘easy’ path?

After a rather rough two years in my professional life, in January I was embarking on my first peaceful month (what I hoped was a season) in a very long time. I likened it to friends as ‘washing up on shore’ after being tossed about at sea for two years too long.

I was able to enjoy this ‘season’ for approximately two months before the situation changed yet again. I was not ready. I was not impressed. I was not happy. At first.

This isn’t to say that I’m happy now, but only that, thanks to all that drama in those recent years, I can see things differently than I might have otherwise. As a disclaimer, I’m writing this without thinking it completely through- so please allow me a bit of leeway.

Personally, I needed this time to absorb what I’d been through. I needed this time to clear my mind. I needed this time to reconnect with my family. I am grateful for this time because as I’d gone through all that stuff in recent years, I’d prayed frequently for God to show me what I needed to know and learn through all of it. And He did that. But, truly internalizing it isn’t a snap and done situation. It takes time. Time, that I now, unexpectedly have to ponder those lessons and be a different person, hopefully a better one.

Maybe this is something you can ask for too during this time. What are you supposed to learn during this time of forced quiet, isolation, and opportunity? How can you make the most of it all?

Am I scared? Am I being careful? Of course. But am I bemoaning working from home? (No, I’m grateful I have a job). Am I upset that I can’t enjoy my ‘normal’ schedule? Of course. But, I’m also grateful for one of the greatest lessons I learned recently.

This will end.

So, while we wait, I encourage you to do embrace what is good. You are safe at home. You are with family. You can read, you can walk, you can write, you can eat, you can love others with text messages, phone calls, and video chats.

You can LIVE.

As a college professor, I’m working hard to make my classes that had been planned for a classroom, into something that kind-of, sort-of works online. It’s not the best. But it will do. I am being flexible with my students in this new environment. They, thankfully, are being flexible with me too. Again, I am grateful as I get to know my students in a new way, through this new format. It’s different. But different can be good.

And I’m writing. A LOT. And that, I hope, is encouraging to you. I am exploring new ways of telling stories for my readers, with a hope of self-publishing soon. It’s scary, but it could be great. I hope it will be.

Happy reading, happy writing, happy days to all. Stay safe and well, friends.



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