Whatever casserole

I used to make dinner every day with no real problems.

I’d plan (sort of) a week and a half to two weeks’ worth of meals and then buy those ingredients in one of my grocery runs, and we’d be set. Snacks, lunches, etc. were included.

What has happened to me?!

Now that we’re all home, I am so much less inspired to plan ahead. Yesterday I swear I followed a recipe (as God is my witness) and yet when it came out it looked like I threw whatever I could find into the casserole dish. It tasted fine, I guess. Not the best meal, or the worst.


I used to make chicken parm, tacos, meatball subs– Identifiable things. Not ‘whatever casseroles’ that lacked inspiration and were minimal on taste.

I suppose in the current world we’re in where things are questionable on a daily basis, my lack of quality meal prep isn’t the worst problem.

I have no real reason for this post other than needing to vent a bit, along with a fine dose of curiosity.

Are you cooking the same kinds of things you did before the stay-at-home orders came down for so many of us? Is your meal time better, more creative, different?

What are some of the best things you’ve made during this time? Leave a comment below! (a picture too if you’re so inclined. LOL wish I took a pic of yesterday’s ‘dish’)

Happy reading and happy eating!

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