What do my readers want?

As a romance writer, I’ve come to appreciate my own preferences, and tend to easily write into those every chance I get. But I’m also realizing this limits me from exploring other ways of seeing and experiencing the genre.

I’m curious what kinds of tropes and characters my readers enjoy.

Personally, I love clumsy, awkward female leads, and strong, but funny, heroes. I like romances that reunite characters after years apart, and ones that bring unlikely characters together. I also especially enjoy an undercurrent of faith, a deeper love than just physical attraction– one that draws the characters together spiritually too.

I’m starting to swoon. Look what this question does to me!

But the curiosity remains– what do YOU enjoy, readers? I’ve just finished a draft of my tenth novel and while I’ve got some ideas of tropes for futures stories, I also want to take into account your thoughts. Drop them below!

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