An excerpt from Pushing Robby

Hey there, friends and fans! Pushing Robby released first for Kindle (and is available for free if you have the Unlimited subscription), and now is also available for purchase in paperback- only $7.99!

If you’re wondering what this latest edition of Daisy and Robby’s story is all about, I thought I’d share a short excerpt to pull you back into their flirty, fun, and sometimes drama-filled world.


Robby Grant shifted from one foot to the other, alternately stuffing his hands into his pockets, pulling them out, folding them in front of him, and starting the process over again. His chest tightened and his pulse did that weird stuttering thing that made him wonder if he might be too young or exactly the right age for a heart attack.

Rock stars weren’t supposed to fall head over heels for a woman like Daisy Parker, Sunday-school sweet and expecting nothing of him but unconditional love he didn’t understand how to give. And yet here he stood, sweating and shaking in a tuxedo because that’s what she wanted. The old Robby would have kicked himself for this lunacy, but for whatever reason, the man he’d become wanted to do anything Daisy asked. Making her happy would forever be his full-time gig, with rock and roll stuffed mercilessly into the back seat.

And it felt exactly right.

His brother nudged him, jarring him back to the moment. “You’re making me seasick.”

Robby glared. “I’m going to pass out.” The words escaped through clenched teeth.

“You are turning green.” Warren snickered, offering no sympathy.

“Stuff it.” Robby returned his gaze to the back of the church. He’d sway if it kept him upright. In mere seconds, his bride would come through those doors on his Uncle Nick’s arm.

His bride?

Robby choked as reality smacked him.

What was he thinking?

The singer leaned toward the exit. Three serious steps and he could duck out that door. No one would question it and it would make perfect publicity for his next tour.

“I’ll kill you with my bare hands.” Warren’s whispered words jolted Robby. His brother survived multiple tours in Iraq and only recently retired from the military. He’d hold Robby in place by force if necessary because he—and everyone else—adored Daisy.

Who could blame them?

But Warren wouldn’t kill him. He kept Robby alive when no one else cared to trouble themselves with the addictions that led to a low point in a back alley, a lengthy stint in rehab, and a comeback to a career that all but ended yet again, over a year ago when Robby’s band broke its ties with him. No, Warren wouldn’t kill him, but if Robby hurt Daisy, he certainly would make sure the rock star paid heavily.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Robby snapped.

Warren tipped his head. “I’d hope you aren’t that dumb.”

No, Robby couldn’t be. But he could be scared senseless. That would explain his legs going numb. His parents split after a horrible marriage, and Daisy came from much of the same. Neither the bride or groom had a role model for what came next. Marriage? And for life? Yikes.

What was he doing?!

And yet the couple clung to the hope of Robby’s newfound faith, the strength of their relationship, and the encouragement of close ties with Robby’s uncle, brother and sister in law, and a kind pastor who took all of their chaos in stride.

Would it be enough?

Intrigued? I hope so! I’ll include the link to Pushing Robby below- order yours today!

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