Winning Casey

Two years ago one of my closest friends said, “You should write a book about a hockey player,” and with that she sent an article about a guy who had some connections to the NHL but wasn’t a professional player.

OK. Interesting thought.

And somehow I ran with it. I mean RAN.

In two weeks’ time I had a fully-fleshed rough draft. TWO WEEKS!? Who does that? I don’t know how or why but it just all came together. Devlin Pink and Casey Maxwell were quite possibly some of the most fun I’d had in a long time. It seemed a no-brainer my readers would soon be in love with them too.

And then life.

So for two years I edited, toyed with, and tried to traditionally publish what I’d already titled ‘Winning Casey’. But nothing happened. So, against my typically cautious nature, I decided to try my hand at self-publishing.

And here we are. Just days away from the digital release of the book, and in the thick of it already being available in print. GAH!

I’ve got playlists, a Pinterest board, a book trailer and more. I hope you’re following me on Facebook (check out my author’s page! And I hope you sign up for my newsletter too in order to stay up on the latest news and information.

Here’s the blurb for Winning Casey (and a link to amazon- grab your copy today!):

Casey Maxwell is tired of waiting. Waiting to heal, waiting to become a detective, waiting for love.

Scratch that last one. She’s done with love and finally accepted her role as man’s best friend (Take that, puppies!)

So, when Casey unexpectedly meets Devlin Pink (yes, THAT Devlin Pink), she’s quick to assume the role of his number one buddy.

With so much in common, how could she refuse?

But friendship with NHL’s most eligible bachelor isn’t what Casey expected. Just because Devlin’s used to dating swimsuit models for three months—tops—doesn’t mean he couldn’t be interested in a small-town cop with a bum leg and penchant for pranks.

Because he is. And Devlin doesn’t like to lose. Too bad for him, Casey might be his greatest opponent ever.

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