Happy New Year! (the obligatory post, with a twist)

Photo by Oleg Zaicev on Pexels.com

It appears we’ve finally, mercifully reached the end of a rather trying year. For many, it was frustrating, a year of loss and worry, never knowing what craziness would come next.

For others, it was a year of amazing hope and joy– discovering that in these tough times, we were stronger than we ever could have imagined, and we’re blessed beyond belief too.

Now, as we move into 2021, some might be asking– what now? What next? These are completely reasonable questions and concerns. But, please allow me to challenge you to ask– How now, how next?

You see, my takeaway from 2020 was that I have a place in the conversation, and I have a choice to make with how I use my voice, my talents, my time. So, my approach to 2021 is ‘how’- How can I help? How can I change? How can I encourage? In my tiny little sphere of influence, how can I do better?

In 2020 many of us felt overwhelmed, and maybe even powerless to change anything. But, friends, I encourage you. We have an incredible amount of power. If we look closely, we impact lives every day. The words we choose to speak, or maybe to write on social media, can have a lasting impact far beyond that conversation or post. Use them wisely.

The places where we spend money will thrive or fail. The time we invest will be wasted or fruitful. The things we learn will be useless in the grand scheme, or will help us improve our lives or those of others.

So, how will you use your time, your resources, your life this year? You have so many choices to make, all of them having incredible impact. Choose wisely, friends. Make this year the year of dreaming, the year of doing, the year of growing.

Use the question to do more, be better, give, serve, and love. Just ask, how?

*Share your ‘how’ in the comments and encourage others!

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