Hard to believe it’s been a month since I added a blog post. Then again, with the chaos of finals, grading, and of course the holidays, maybe it isn’t such a challenge to believe it.

As I try to get back into a ‘normal’ writing schedule, I wonder if you have any goals for this year. Are you hoping to write more, take a stab at a new genre, or just finally finish that novel? Whatever your goals, don’t let them fall by the wayside as so many resolutions do. We start off strong with great intentions and quickly discover our sights were set much too high, with unbelievably unattainable goals.

How can we change this?

My recommendation is to make SMALL changes- one at a time. Instead of trying to ‘write a novel’ or ‘write every day’- why not make it manageable? In other words, schedule an hour of writing on Tuesdays and Thursdays and once that becomes a habit, add Wednesday and Friday in too, until you can eventually have that consistent daily time in your schedule.

Starting off small means you’re still starting, not becoming overwhelmed, and most importantly, it means you’re actually committing to and making writing changes.

Now, what do you plan to do with your writing this year? Get started! Small- and slow!

Happy writing!

Yoga for writers

The last year has been pretty crazy for me. One of the many ways I’ve used to maintain some level of sanity (still not sure I can call it that, but I digress…) is by doing yoga.

I’ve noticed the benefits of yoga in many areas of my life, but in terms of writing my practice has inspired, challenged, and encouraged me when I’ve needed it. Because I tend to become focused on writing and will often stay seated for hours on end, I cramp physically and emotionally in many parts of my body. But yoga allows me to take time away, clear my mind and muscles, and jump back into writing that is quickly more effective than if I’d remained solely in my writing chair.

There are some great yoga videos on YouTube that are fast, fun, and more importantly, calming when you need it. Because life is crazy, I know I sometimes need to be reminded to breathe. Yoga does that for me.

I’ve included some amazing links below to some practices that have helped me. These instructors also have numerous other videos available if you subscribe to their channels, which I highly recommend. You’ll also notice that the videos go from about five minutes to an hour, which allows you to choose the length and intensity (and even muscle group or area) that is appropriate for you.

Let me know if you enjoy any of these practices or ideas—or if you have other yoga, exercise, or practices that help you through your writing day.

Here are two of my favorite yogis:

Happy writing!